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Bitstream Pro is the high performance universal MIDI controller that offers professional controls to any software and synthesizer responding to MIDI.

With its large amount of knobs, sliders and buttons, Bitstream Pro is very well suited for studio applications and new synthesizers software generation requiring a lot of controls. Delivered with a user-friendly configuration software, Bitstream Pro offers the user the power to assign to each potentiometer, button, and LFO any MIDI event.

Bitstream Pro is the solution that matches all the live performances requirements: backlight LCD, scenes memories, direct access to all 16 MIDI channels, built-in MIDI merger, etc.


35 knobs - 8 sliders - 8 push-buttons
Fully programmable
Dedicated configuration software
Direct access to all 16 MIDI channels
Integrated programmable LFO
Built-in MIDI merger & filter
19 inches - 4U metallic rack enclosure


"Bitstream Pro is a worthy piece of kit and would sit proudly at the heart of your music setup for years to come"
Computer & Music UK (issue 37)

35 knobs
8 sliders
8 buttons
All programmable