Download Area


Download here all the documents, libraries, tools, ... relating to the Bitstream Pro

Documentation & Tools

User manual

570 ko

Presentation flyer

330 ko

Configuration software presets list

170 ko

PC configuration software v3.12 & Manual 3.5 Mo

PC configuration software v3.0 & Manual

3.3 Mo

Mac configuration software & Install note
2.5 Mo

Firmware upgrader v2.1

20 ko

Sound-diver adaptation

27 ko

Application Notes

AN01 - Using firmware upgrader

100 ko

AN02 - Buttons functions during boot sequence

75 ko

AN03 - ROM upgrade installation instructions

700 ko

AN04 - Using sysex to re-program the Bitstream

700 ko

Users Libraries

Roland Juno-106


2 ko

Roland MC-303


2 ko

Standard Roland NRPN's zip 2 ko
Standard CC's zip 2 ko
Sound blaster zip 2 ko
Quasimidi 309 rave-o-lution zip 2 ko
Cubase VST 5 zip 14 ko
Steinberg Halion SX zip 8 ko
Propellerheads Reason 2 zip 8 ko
Native Instruments Pro-52 zip 2 ko
Waldorf PPG wave 2V zip 2 ko
Yamaha RS7000 zip 2 ko
Cubase SX control v2.31 zip 2 ko

The above files are libraries developed by Bitstream Pro owners. Keep in mind that the configuration software features more than 13000 presets for the most common soft & synths
If you want to see your library here, please send it to

Firmware Updates

The up to date firmware version is 1.3.

Firmware version 2.0 available soon, major changes are:

• All potentiometers independently configurable as Hook(1) / Jump behavior
• All Push-buttons independently configurable as Toggle / Push behavior
• Improved MIDI implementation

(1) Hook: when switching from one group to another, the MIDI events are not sent until the potentiometer physical position is equal to the real group value, this allows to avoid jumps !)

If you own a Bitstream Pro and want to become a firmware beta-tester, please let us know @