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What is Bit Stream PRO designed for ?
Bitstream Pro is a powerful and fully programmable MIDI controller that enables you to control every parameter of your MIDI gear in real time. You can configure every knob, slider, and button to control your preferred software (Reason, Reaktor, Fruity loops, ..) or synths.

Do I need a computer to use it ?
No. Bitstream PRO is a stand alone MIDI controller. However, you need a computer (Mac or PC) to configure the programmable mode.
Using the Bitstream Pro to control all software synths does not require any programming, indeed, all soft can be fully controlled using the
CC mode which is already programmed. Once set to fit your needs, you can use it where you want.

Is there a Mac version of the configuration software ?
Yes, a Mac version is available for download on this website. The Mac version is not so enhanced as the PC version, anyway, it allows to access to all parameters of the Bitstream Pro.

Do I need to read the whole manual to use it for the first time ?
No. Just turn it on and enjoy. It is so easy to use. Put it in Mode 1, where all controls are assigned to control changes.
Then, if you need more features, use the software to send previously libraries or to configure your Bitstream on your own.
However, you MUST read the provided manual before you ask any question to the support team.

What is MIDI ?
MIDI stands for Musical Interface for Digital Instruments. It is a common language spoken by most synths, samplers, virtual instruments and others digital effects.When you play the keyboards, MIDI OUT sends "This note must be played on this channel, with the given velocity", or "Change control number xxx to the value xxx", etc ...

What is a SYSEX ?
A SYSEX is a MIDI message that enables machines to send whatever they want to other stuff : presets, samples, special parameters, etc ... It starts with F0h and ends with F7h. Most SYSEX are not longer than 127 bytes.

Do I really need to know that to use Bitstream ?
No. Wave Idea developed an user friendly configuration software featuring more than 13000 presets for the most common synths, soft, ....
You will surely find the parameter you want to control without entering any hexadecimal MIDI code

I've a Master keyboard and I use software to create Music, How can Bitstream be inserted into my setup ?
Bitstream Pro features MIDI In & Out connectors, as well as an "intelligent" MIDI merger.
MIDI out contains incoming MIDI events from MIDI in plus MIDI events generated by the Bitstream.
You simply have to connect your keyboard MIDI out to the Bitstream MIDI in, and the Bitstream MIDI out to your computer MIDI in ...
For most complicated MIDI setups, let us know your troubles and we will help you to integrate the Bitstream in your existing setup.