Large mix of Sliders, Knobs and buttons

Bitstream Pro is the only MIDI controller that offers sliders, knobs and buttons.
Bitstream Pro is able to generate 3 different MIDI events per control, on all 16 MIDI channels !
This results in more than 2,000 MIDI events without programming.

Automatic mode (Mode 1: CC)

The unit is already programmed in this mode: all 128 CC's are already mapped to the 40 potentiometers of the Bitstream Pro. This mode is mainly used to fully control software such as Reason, Fruity Loops, Reaktor, and all other software responding to MIDI.

No programming is required to use the Bitstream Pro with these soft !

Fully programmable mode (Mode 2: User-Defined)

The dedicated configuration software allows the user to assign any MIDI event to each potentiometer, button and LFO. Each control can be configured independently to precisely answer to the MIDI event required by the gear to control. For the most advanced MIDI users, Bitstream Pro is able to send Sysex, including checksum management.

Configuration software included

This user-friendly software allows to easily access to all the advanced parameters of the Bitstream Pro: musicians can create libraries for the Bitstream Pro with a dynamic up and down communication between the software and the controller using Sysex (additional connectors are not required for the unit programming.)
In addition, this also means that the unit can be re-programmed using Sysex while playing music.
More than 13,000 presets have been developed for the most common synthesizers, samplers, software etc., resulting in a library development time which is considerably reduced!
Simply select the gear and parameter to control, and download it to the Bitstream!! The software also offers the user an in-depth configuration of each control (programmable Min & Max values, MIDI delay, etc)

Mac and PC software version available

Both are downloadable for free via our website

Backlight LCD

The LCD provides the user all the information required. It is real-time updated and displays current MIDI channel, control value, control number, as well as MIDI channel selected. It also displays a user-defined text, up to 16 characters can be individually assigned to each knob, slider and switch, allowing the user to retrieve the controlled parameter.

Built-in programmable LFO

Bitstream Pro features a unique LFO, fully programmable. With this powerful functionality, any MIDI event can be generated by the LFO automatically. The LFO can be synchronized to the Bitstream Pro internal time base, as well as from an external MIDI clock for the most advanced users.

Programmable-chained controls & cross faders

Bitstream Pro has been also developed for people performing gigs, offering to that king of user the opportunity to create linked controls (for instance, when slider 1 is tweaked, then slider 3 sends the same value than slider 1 (chained controls) with a different MIDI event). There is no limit on this feature: all controls can be linked together, with or without cross faders.

Built-in MIDI Merger & filter

Bitstream Pro features a MIDI merger, (i.e. all incoming MIDI events are merged with events generated by the Bitstream Pro), allowing the user to easily integrate Bitstream in his existing MIDI setup.