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Pricing policy

All prices are mentionned in Euro currency, you can easily find out an universal currency converter to convert Euro prices into your own currency. Wave Idea accepts payments in Euro currency only.

Customers living inside EEC

For all EEC customers, Wave Idea has to apply the French VAT. All prices are therefore mentionned including VAT

Customers living outside EEC

For all customers living outside EEC, Wave Idea has the obligation to sale excluding VAT charges. All prices are therefore mentionned excluding VAT.
The customer should have to pay the VAT directly to the customs of his country.

Online orders

When ordering online a Wave Idea product, you will receive an order confirmation via e-mail from us. We will provide you all the required information depending on the payment method you prefer.
In addition we will include or not the VAT to your order depending on your country (EEC customers have to pay the VAT directly to Wave Idea, as opposed to non EEC customers that should have to pay the VAT to the customs of their country)
Once the payment is achieved, we will send you your unit.
We do not process orders during weekends. After your package has been shipped, we will send you a shipping confirmation email that will tell you that your package is on the way. This email will also include your UPS tracking number that will allow you to track your package.


All Wave Idea products are shipped using UPS services.
Shipping cost is at the charge of the customer, the exact cost is automatically calculated during the online orders, at the first step.
Differents shipping services are proposed, depending on the customer country, a 1 to 3 business days delivery using UPS Express, a 2 to 3 business days delivery using UPS Express Saver, and a 3 to 7 days delivery using UPS Standard or Expedited.
Depending on the cost difference, Wave Idea proposes one of the above shippment methods to the customer, who can select another one if prefered.

All methods include a tracking number, declared value, as well as a warranty against shipping damages.
As soon as the product is shipped, the customer receives an e-mail including the package tracking number

Delivery time may vary. We ship all orders as fast as we possibly can, but other things can happen after that. Sometimes, packages get stuck in customs. The customs in your country might want to open the package and examine the contents. This usually doesn't cause any delay, but in some cases the customs people might hold on to the package for some time before they release it. We have no control over that.


All Wave Idea products are covered with a 1 year warranty against manufacturing defaults, as well as shipping damages.
When a product is sent back to Wave Idea, for a warranty exchange, shippment cost from the customer to Wave Idea is at the charge of the customer, while the exchanged product is sent back to the customer at the charge of Wave Idea.